Armsel MHE Pvt Ltd (Armsel KITO) is a leading provider of lifting solutions with a track record in pioneering, leading and shaping the developments in the lifting industry.

Armsel lifting equipment keep production processes up and running around the country, meeting tough end-user demands for increased uptime, reliability, safety, top performance and the lowest possible lifetime costs. We have the right equipment – large and small – to help our customers run their operations very efficiently, whatever the field they are in, from paper, primary metals, mining, ports, and shipyards to power generation, waste management, plastics, defense, automotive manufacturing, and numerous other applications.

Our extensive maintenance network provides us with a valuable source of experience and know-how, and we use this input in further developing our expertise. AMC services are provided to Steel industries, automobile industries, auto parts companies etc.

Established in 1974 as Proprietorship concern, Armsel started business in the line of manufacturing Material Handling Equipment in a small way. The Firm followed the natural growth pattern because of commitment to Quality, Delivery and Competitive Price and therefore, has become a reputed and leading supplier of Material Handling Equipments in India. Along with the increase in the business, the company added and merged the manufacturing resources to the optimum required level and became Armsel MHE Pvt Ltd in 1981. Over the period, the Company added, diversified and consolidated its operations to align with the business and market requirement and has remained at par with the business trends. On 1st October 2010 Kito Corporation, Japan acquired Armsel. Now Armsel is 100% subsidiary of KITO Corporation.

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