The KITO electric chain hoist ER2 has been released as a product that provides ease of use and work efficiency, wherein an inverter has been provided as standard in a dual speed hoist and trolley. The dual speed inverter delivers smooth movement reducing load swing.

To ensure safety, KITO utilizes a double safety mechanism consisting of an originally developed friction clutch and upper-lower limitswitch. Uniquely-designed push button control on the basis of ergonomics, enhanced durability of load chain, improved ease of maintenance as well as support for the environment achieve higher safety and working efficiency.

Product features

  • Overall weight of hoist is comparatively lesser due to aluminium die cast body, which makes the hoist light.
  • Equipped with unique load sheave with 5 pockets as standard and 6 pockets for smaller body hoists. Increased number of pockets reduces chain vibration and increases chain life.
  • Case hardened Grade 80 nickel plated chain which is produced in-house.
  • The dual speed ECH equipped with variable frequency drive (inverter) that is positioned inside the control panel in the hoist. This inverter provides smooth operation of hoist.
  • Single speed ECHs are equipped with Counter Hour (CH) meter to monitor starts/stops and total hoist time.
  • Equipped with a DC electromagnetic brake. The brake is equipped with electric fail safe design
  • Hoist is equipped with thermal protector as standard to protect motor from burning due to excessive usage.
  • The ECH is equipped with a friction clutch as a standard in the transmission between hoists motor and load sheave. This protects hoist’s motor and body from damages.
  • As ER2 series hoists can be equipped with dual brake (secondary brake as option) up to 5T capacity hoists

Advantages of Product :

  • This model can be used in all industries mentioned above at maintenance areas or production/assembly line of plant since overall weight of hoist is comparatively lesser due to aluminum die cast body, which makes the hoist light.
  • Since both single speed and dual speed hoists are available in this model, it can be used for installation, commissioning & maintenance of equipment where precise alignment is required.
  • As ER2 series hoists can be equipped with dual brake (secondary brake as option) up to 5T capacity hoists, it would be safer while lifting material or expensive equipment to higher elevations. Secondary brake would not allow load/equipment to fall due to excess load or additional load added on to the hoist while lifting.

ER2 Dual/Single Speed
Hook Suspension Type
125kg to 5t

ER2M Dual/Single Speed
Motorized Trolley Type
125kg to 5t

ER2SG (ER2SP) Dual/Single Speed
Geared/Plain Type
125kg to 5t

CDER2 Cylinder Control Type
Dual/Single Speed
125kg to 5t

Large Capacity Type ER2

Large Capacity ER2
Hook Suspension Type
10t to 20t

Large Capacity ER2M
Motorized Trolley Type
7.5t to 20t

Large Capacity ER2
Geared Trolley Type
7.5t to 20t

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