Compact, lightweight, portable design for ease of use in elevated work positions.
Low hand-pull force for highly reliable pulling and lifting to the last click.
LX series is available with capacity of 250 KG and 500 KG

Product features

  • Compact and light
  • Kito’s innovative technology makes the LX series compact and light. It’s very easy to carry, and easy to use, even in tight quarters or in elevated work locations. What’s more, it can be conveniently stored in a special carrying case (LX003 only).

  • Kito’s original free chain adjusting mechanism
  • Reliable load-holding performance at any load. A required chain length is provided instantly in accordance with job condition.

  • Reliable load-holding performance
  • The LX series, designed with a single-step reduction gear, is characterized by a small manual fastening force and assured load holding. Reliable load fastening can be provided to the last clicking of the lever.

  • Nickel-plated chain
  • Kito’s unique R&D produces world-class performance. The grade 100(1000 N/mm2) chain, made from a special high strength alloy, features an unbeatable combination of toughness and resistance to corrosion & wear. (For special environment consult your Kito distributor since corrosion resistance varies depending on corrosives involved)



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