Plant & Infrastructure

The Registered Office of the company is situated at 10/4, 5th Floor, Mitra Towers, Kasturba Road, Bangalore – 560001. Liaison, Marketing and Administration departments are at Office.

The factory is situated in Govt. Developed KIADB Jigani Industrial Area, own land of 1,40,000 Sq. feet area, Built up factory working area of 48,500 Sq. feet, and connected electric power of 150 KVA. The Factory working area is made up of five production sheds of one production test bay. All these bays are serviced with two numbers overhead cranes of suitable capacity. The full fledged facility is equipped with end to end manufacturing system comprising of Machine shop, Fabrication / Structural division, Assembly division and Testing. A state of the Art Auto CAD design department takes care of Design Engineering and Drawings.

Workshop consists of heavy and light machine shop, structural fabrication shop, electrical shop, Assembly, finishing, painting, testing, dispatch and other facilities.

For forging, foundry, hardening and tempering of material and nondestructive testing, we sub contract the activity to approved vendors. A full-fledged design and development cell, supports the above facilities and quality assurance departments with modern computer aided design back up, with testing and training center.

Operational Efficiency

Armsel MHE operational focus areas are marketing and sales, product development, assembly, and maintenance services. Products are based on modularity and standardisation and make use of the latest technology and cost-efficient designs with efficient use of raw materials. Maintaining a uniform product platform gives valuable flexibility in terms of capacity utilisation and resource allocation.

Armsel MHE volumes and nationwide reach provide access to the most cost-efficient sourcing opportunities. Ongoing efficiency improvement programs continue to target opportunities in manufacturing and sourcing. Sales productivity is enhanced by our size, geographical market coverage, and business concept of combining crane sales and maintenance through one common network.

Plant Images