Gantry Crane

Armsel manufactures Gantry Cranes ranging from 1Ton to 60 Ton Capacity and up to 45 meters span and Height of lift as per customer’s requirement. These are generally used outdoors in Engineering Industries, Ship yards, Ports, Granite, Steel Yards, Cement Pipe Industries, Open Yard, Storages places, Container Depots etc.

Armsel makes Single Girder and Double Girder type and these cranes are run on floor mounted rail by its two legs fabricated from steel sections.

Our cranes are manufactured with better design and of high standard of quality coupled with strict safety regulations. Supplied hundreds of cranes, solving problems in lifting & handling area, using effective design, increased quality & safety for greater reliability.

Armsel manufactures Gantry / Goliath cranes up to 50 MT Cap., 60 M Span +10 M overhang on either side. Any Lift.