Explosion Proof Cranes & Hoists

Armsel developed explosion proof product range with constant research and making use of its rich experience in crane technology resulting in making India’s most reliable, safest and competitively priced product.

Ranges from 150 kgs to 70 Ton capacity, all the components are designed and manufactured for highest levels of safety, making it most dependable in hazardous areas like petrochemical, oil refineries, gas power plants, chemical treatment, painting shops, waste water treatment plants etc.

Strict adherence to safety features like Regulations & Classifications, (Temperature, Gas and Protection class) make Armsel Flame Proof Cranes and Hoists ‘Special’.

Armsel cranes have been designed with excellent hook approaches and can be accessed even when the load is to be lifted close to the walls. With this advanced design, our cranes are more flexible, and because the required height above and below the crane is minimized, higher loads can be lifted with minimum effort

Salient Features of Armsel Explosion Proof EOT Cranes

1. Box type construction for Bridge Girders

2. Tapered plate design incorporated for joining the end carriages to the girders thereby ensuring smooth flow of stresses.

The ARMSEL Explosion Proof Cranes and Hoists are built to consistently high specifications, have possibly the best On Time Delivery record in the field.

Rigid Inspection and Testing

1. Raw materials are subjected to ultrasonic testing while important welds are radio graphically tested.

2. Rigid inspection procedures at all stages of manufacture to ensure unfailing dependability.

High Efficiency

1. Precision workmanship of all components minimize losses and increase efficiency.

Ease of Maintenance

1. All Parts requiring maintenance are made easily accessible

2. Number of parts requiring frequent maintenance is kept to minimum.

3. Wearing parts can be easily removed and replaced thus reducing down time.

Smooth Operation Ensured

1. Gears having precision hobbed teeth subject to heat treatment

2. Antifriction bearings on all high speed rotating parts.

3. Machined components checked by limit gauges.